Why choose us

Difference and attraction

Investors choose SHTP as the destination because of the differences in investment policies, which make a SHTP transparent, efficient and professional:

1. The highest tax preference

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is preferential for 15 years in which the first 4 year tax rate at 0% (since the first year of taxable income), the following 09 years tax rate at 5%, the final 02 years at 10%. As for large projects, this has contributed meaningfully to the economic, social, scientific and technological development of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam; CIT preferential duration is up to 30 years.

Exemption from import duty and VAT by 0 for imported commodity to create fixed assets of the project and for scientific research, technological development activities.

Exemption from export duty and VAT by 0 for Hi-Tech product.

2. The strategic geographical location

It is 15 km, 8 km and 18km away from the city center, the international seaports, the international airport respectively.

Surrounded by 42 industrial parks and export processing zones of the Southern key economic region, forming a network of suppliers and customers to enterprises in SHTP.

Especially, it is adjacent to HCM City National University - which provides high-quality human resources.

3. Diversified utility infrastructure to meet every demand of investors

Essential technical infrastructure is completed, stable, including electricity, water, sewage, and industrial gas treatment. 110KVA power system of SHTP alone is connected to 03 different supplying stations, ensuring 24/7 operation.

SHTP is willing to share, cooperate to use the facilities, modern equipment in the laboratories of SHTP for new technology research - development requirement of investors.

Living utility is diversified and adjacent: senior apartment and international school, housing for workers and kindergarten, entertainment site, supermarket - shopping, etc.

4. Young, dynamic human resources

The human resource is abundant, learns fast and has the discipline from more than 55 universities, colleges, and vocational centers in HCM City.

Providing on-site production workmanship and soft skill training service as requirement of investors at the Training Center of SHTP

5. Transparency with Business Honesty Program

SHTP commits:

  • Comply with laws and fight against corruption
  • Notify third parties about our policies in the fight against corruption
  • Provide staffs who are trained and equipped with the latest knowledge on anti-corruption
  • Encourage other enterprises to participate in signing Honesty Agreement

6. Fast - effective with management process "one door" for:

  • Technology Evaluation 
  • Investment Certificate 
  • Leasing land
  • Construction Licensing 
  • Labor Authorization
  • Environmental Management 
  • In-place Customs
  • In-site Bank
  • The professional and investor mind set team

7. Talent pool:

To locate in the Ho Chi Minh City where attracts and concentrates qualified human resources of the entire southern of Vietnam with more than 55 universities, 04 institutes, 25 colleges, 37 training colleges;

To be very close to universities of National University Ho Chi Minh City this supplies a skilled manpower for enterprises in SHTP;

To be open SHTP’s The training Center to offer general and specific training courses according to the demands of enterprises by lecturers from universities or experts in the company in SHTP, human resources consulting services, recruitment supports and overseas education consultancy services in the field of engineering and technology. The training programs include soft skills, English, occupational safety and health, technology and automatic industry and Solid works, etc.

8. Support from the Government

As Ho Chi Minh City's key project, SHTP is concerned and supported strongly by the Government and the City’s authorities in policy, infrastructure, etc. SHTP has set up a hotline to leaders, agencies and sectors of Ho Chi Minh City in order to help solve difficulties timely for both SHTP and businesses.

With the above particular advantages, SHTP calls the hi-tech enterprises both domestically and overseas which are interested in investment for production, research and training into SHTP. With the guideline "Serving for the investors’ benefit", SHTP believes that investment at here is the right choice of business.

Human Resources of HoChiMinh City

1. The highest tax preference

Ho Chi Minh City has over 55 universities, 4 institutes, 25 colleges and 37 vocational schools. Among them, the prestigious and leading national universities, close to SHTP permanently opens training courses and educational programs of in engineering, computing and information technology so that they annually gives the city and SHTP a number of 7,000 employees as follows:

 University  Major programs Graduated students/ year 
 University of Technology  Information Technology, Chemical, Electrical & Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering.  2,600
 HCMC University of Technology and Education  Electrical and electronic engineering, Mechatronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Industrial technology & Environmental technology  2,400
 University of Science  IT, Computer Science, Physics, Maths, Electronics, Material Science.  2,100
 Total:  7,100
Moreover, SHTP is currently implementing four training projects of investors such as FPT University (FU), University of Technology (Hutech), Nguyen Tat Thanh University and Technology Engineering Fulbright School, which aims to provide manpower for enterprises in SHTP. The number of technological students expect to annually graduate as follows:

No.  Project  Expected IT students to graduating/year 
 1  The Center of Technology Education and Research – FPT University  1.500
 2  Technological Engineering Fulbright School  400
 3  The  Center  of  High-quality Manpower Nguyen Tat Thanh University  440
 4  The  Center  of  High-quality Manpower Hutech University  N/A
Total:  2.340

(Sources: SHTP in 2016-based on business plans provided)

2. Income of manpower in SHTP:

No.  Work experience  Income (USD/month)  Average Income

 1  Non work experience  250-400  450-850
 2  1 to 3 years of full-time work experience  400-700
 3  more than three years of full-time work experience  700-1.400

Compared to the minimum wage in accordance with the state of 144 USD/month (equivalent to 3.1 million dong), the enterprises in SHTP is willing to pay their employees higher three times. However, compared with other countries in the same region, the labor cost of SHTP in particular and Ho Chi Minh city in general are more attractive to attract FDI

Trend of increasing the minimum wage is enough stable over the years for enterprises to manage and estimate labor cost in investment activity:
2015 (VND)   2014 (VND)  2013 (VND) 2012 (VND)   2011 (VND) 2010 (VND)   2009 (VND)
 3.1 mil  2.5 mil  2.2mil  2.0 mil  1.35 mil  1.34 mil  1.2 mil