About Hi-tech Park

 Saigon Silicon City – Hi-tech Park, March 2017 


Vision and mission

As one of three National Hi-Tech Parks of Vietnam, established by Prime Minister, Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) has been developing strongly with a vision to become a technology and science city that will greatly enhance the economic, technological, and intellectual base of Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern Economic Region of Vietnam and that will ultimately serve as a model for Vietnam technological innovation, intellectual capital development, and innovation economy. The vision was materialized into the following mission:

01. Create a business-oriented, financially and technologically favorable environment to attract foreign investment in high technologies.

02. Enable Vietnam to "leapfrog" into strategic high-technology sectors

03. Enable the development/ acceleration of the high-tech supporting sectors in Vietnam.

04. Facilitate the transfer of technology to targeted industries and domestic companies.

05. Accelerate and sustain the economic development of HCMC and the Southern Economic Region of Vietnam directly, and ultimately Vietnam.

Accelerate and sustain the economic development of HCMC and the Southern Economic Region of Vietnam directly, and ultimately Vietnam.

Strategic Location

Located right at the Eastern gate of Ho Chi Minh City, SHTP together with the National University, Ho Chi Minh City Nationality History and Culture Park enjoys the advantage of its strategic location with two major National Highways which are Hanoi Highway (connecting the North - South) and Asian Highway (connecting HCMC - Phnom Penh - Bangkok), Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Highway, and the first metro route connecting the city center with SHTP. With this position, SHTP has the development advantage to become a "science and technology urban", which is the heart and science and technology leading of both Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.

Master Plan

On a total area of 913ha, SHTP now completely builds of 300 ha and is currently finalizing the infrastructure for the remaining 613 ha.

High Tech sectors

SHTP prioritizes to attract investors from four High-tech sectors (CNC) as follows:

01. Microelectronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications.

02. Precision Engineering and Automation.

03. Biotechnology applied in pharmaceuticals and environment.

04. New Materials, New Energy, Nano Technology.

After almost 15 years of development (from October, 2002 – July, 2017), SHTP has successfully attracted renowned, large corporations in the world and in the country with total investment capital of more than 6.5 billion USD, including Intel - United States (chip assembling and inspection), Samsung (manufacturing electronic devices), Nidec - Japan (manufacturing precision mechanical equipments), Sanofi - France (pharmaceutical research and production), Sonion - Denmark (manufacturing microelectronic components), Datalogic - Italy (production of barcode scanner), FPT - Vietnam (research - development software and applications), as well as many production, research, training and other service providing projects.

More than 100 projects in SHTP have contributed significantly to the export turnover of High Tech items of HCMC. By December of 2016, export value accumulation of SHTP is 12 million USD, accounting for nearly 90% of Hi-Tech product export turnover of the city, attracting approximately 25,000 experts, scientists, senior management personnel, engineers and skilled labors come here to study and work. The investment projects at SHTP also impact spositively on the development of Hi-Tech human resources, in parallel, improving the research - development capacity of new technologies in Vietnam.

Location of anchor investors in SHTP’s master plan

Besides the main functional areas for high-tech activities, SHTP also develops different zones for supporting industry, bonded warehouse, logistics services, accommodation & housing needs of experts, commercial services, livelihood services (restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, kindergartens, etc.), workshops and offices for rent, WOHO, SOHO, short-stay service, etc. in order to provide an ideal environment with good and full services so that professionals, experts and employees can live, work, study, entertain and relax in SHTP on the spot.